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:: Radio play has always eluded Common Ground until recent years. While their previous songs, filled with an eclectic representation of each songwriter's abilities, proved to be too diverse for radio audiences, the material for their third CD/Album, Take Three, has the perfect blend of melody, power, and attitude.

:: Common Ground was founded by college buds Phil Wilson (Drums) and Steven Rosas (Guitar) in 1990, while they attended the Commercial Music Program at McLennan Community College (MCC) in Waco, Texas. The catalyst for Common Groundís sound can also be attributed to the addition of Bill Hunter on silky lead vocals and rhythm guitar (1993), plus Chuck Williams on meat-and-potatoes Bass Guitar (1996). Both members also attended the Music Program at MCC. This combination of influences helped give the bandís sound a broader range of textures without sacrificing the energy their fans have come to expect.

:: Inspired by bands like Foo Fighters, Toadies, SugarBomb, and Jellyfish, they released a duo of self-produced, all-original, independent albums, recorded at a semi-pro studio owned by Steven: Mostly on Mondays (1996), Fragile (1998). These releases gained the group a moderate but loyal following in the Central Texas area. With their third CD, Take Three (2004), their songwriting style and recording techniques have matured into what has become their signature sound: Power Drums, Throbbing Bass, Strong Radio-Ready Hooks, Hypnotic Rhythm Guitars, Creative Production, and lots of Distortion.

:: Common Ground tours regularly throughout the Central and four corners of Texas.

:: Several tracks from Fragile can be heard on KBRQ FM Waco, the syndicated radio show Texas Shock Syndrome, and other Clear Channel Radio Stations in the Central Texas area. Take Three is due to be released in the early part of 2004. Their CDís, multimedia, and merchandise can be purchased at local music stores, live performances, and via the bandís website at

:: For more information check out their official site




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